If you’ve been listening to Wait For The Dawn Podcast, feeling inspired or motivated to work toward your dawn, but found yourself a bit unclear on what next steps you should take, KEEP READING!

When seeking/needing a coach to speak into your life you want someone that you can trust and be vulnerable with, knowing that they have your best interest of success, growth and thriving at heart. Sachiko is that coach.
— Vaughn Fahie


Hey Pals,

It’s time to stop “listening” and start “doing”. If you’ve listened to even one episode of Wait For The Dawn Podcast, you know my passion about the importance of everyone being tapped into their dreams and passions - it’s our lifeline. But some people have shared with me that they’re not really sure, though, what that specifically means for them. If you find yourself thinking, “I know I should do 4% every day, but I’m not really sure what the 4% is for me”, please know that I hear you. I created a program specifically with you in mind!


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Sachiko’s coaching is NOT FOR YOU, if you say NO to one or more of the following:

  1. You are ready to live in the flow of life - enjoying how you’re spending your days

  2. You want to love the work you do and begin earning money easily and effortlessly

  3. You believe that with help you can break boundaries and live a confident, free & fulfilling life of purpose

Sachiko’s coaching is FOR YOU if you say YES to one or more of the following:

  1. You are not inspired by where your life is heading in the next 5-10 years

  2. You know you’re meant for something bigger but you’re not sure where to start

  3. You have a passion or dream you’re working toward but need motivation and accountability

Who doesn’t love Sachiko? She’s amazing. She has a huge heart for helping newer entrepreneurs persevere through the growing pains of entrepreneurship. She is also very transparent about her own struggles, and has been a big inspiration to me in my journey. When I was considering quitting my business, that I had been focusing on for a year and a half, to pursue my real passion instead, Sachiko completely understood and gave me the encouragement to make that change.
— Carlton "CJ" Francis

Here’s What You Get:


Clarity on your DAWN (Dreams & Goals)

Step-by-Step action plan to move in the direction of your DAWN (4% every day)

Strategic Relationship Coaching - learn how to leverage relationships to up-level your DAWN

Books, Worksheets & Resources that I have used personally in my life and business

Networking, Support, Accountability & Community

Mindset & Daily Habit Training

Help Removing Obstacles, Roadblocks and Barriers

Opportunity to share about your DAWN on Wait For The Dawn Podcast

Private Online Group

After recently finding myself in a bit of a personal slump, I had a conversation with Sachiko that re-ignited my energy and refocused me on pursuing my passions. She didn’t even know she was doing it – it’s just her gift.
— Betsy Westhafer


  • Someone who pretends to have it all together

  • Someone who believes that anybody out there has it all together - despite what they might have you believe

  • Perfect

  • Skinny

  • Passive

  • Defined by my crazy story

  • Employee-minded

  • Drill-sergeant

  • Baby-sitter

  • Someone with small/dainty feet


Sachiko really helped me step outside of my comfort zone to identify and chase my ultimate dreams and passions. Her constant support, focus and encouragement led me to learn things about myself and the way I work that I’d never realized; and her candidness and willingness to push me outside of my box ultimately gave me the confidence to embark on a new journey following my true passions.
— Mike LaCharite

Sachiko Offers:

  • Webinars, Trainings & Workshops


  • Mastermind Programs

  • Group Coaching Programs

  • Private Coaching Programs

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