Wait for the Dawn Podcast

Sachiko Tiana hosts the "Wait for the Dawn" Podcast - coming soon! This podcast is all about the mindset needed to pursue dreams, goals and passions.

Sachiko Tiana believes that we weren't meant to live in survival mode - we're meant to thrive! The best way for us to thrive is for everyone to pursue what they're most passionate about.

She takes an everyday, community approach to sharing this message. It's not about experts, gurus and know-it-alls, it's about everyday people moving the needle forward one tiny step at a time!

You also get to follow Sachiko Tiana along on her journey! 

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We live in a world where people complain easily and encourage painfully. We can change that by creating a community of encouragement. Tell someone that they are doing an AWESOME job during my podcast. Click the link below to learn more and share your KUDOS! 


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Tell Your Story

Do you have an inspiring story to tell? Will it help others decide to pursue their dreams? If so, we may want to interview you. Please complete the form to let us know a little bit about yourself and why you think it's a great fit. We will contact you if you're chosen to tell your STORY!