"Sachiko is a truly creative musical genius!!! She wrote a CUSTOM love song for my wife and I that brought to life so many wonderful memories of the special moments we've shared. The song was so personal to my wife and I, but still kept a relatability that anyone can connect with - for a truly amazing song! Sachiko completely exceeded all expectations imaginable!"

- Anthony Rios (Riverside, CA)

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I sat there listening to this song thinking, ‘what a song of passion filled with unity, friendship, togetherness, and of course love.’ I also sat there thinking, ‘how do people write like this!?’
— Brandi Hawkes (Rosena Ranch, CA)
Sachiko Tiana’s music is as refreshing as a ray of soul-shine. She masterfully layers her strong vocals and incredibly honest lyrics over a bed of catchy rhythms.
— Vinny Ribas - Indie Connect (Nashville, TN)
Special Occasions
Sachiko’s song was wonderfully written and the words were very impacting, relatable, and she sang it beautifully!!
— Kokie Nguyen (Mission Viejo, CA)


Custom songs are for people who understand the power of music to move people. Whether it's a special anniversary or holiday or a new company initiative, there's nothing like the power of song to unite, mobilize and inspire people. Speakers use custom songs as part of their introduction to the stage and engaged couples choose to have a custom song capture their story as they choose to spend their life together. 


This is a fully customized song. But for anyone who would like to take it further, we can design special album artwork, create a lyric plaque or even create a custom slideshow music video set to the song for a truly memorable and special occasion. Pricing is completely customizable and will depend on the details you select.


Standard delivery time is 2-3 weeks, however, this is depending upon the waitlist at the time. Rush orders are available for an additional fee. Contact us to discuss options. 


Sachiko can create a custom song for anyone, anywhere. For performance opportunities, please contact. 

How much?

Please schedule a quick consultation call to discuss what you're looking for. Right now, Sachiko Tiana is offering some specials that can make your custom song creation an unbeatable value. 

***Please note that Sachiko Tiana reserves the right to politely decline song proposals that are not in alignment with her values

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Sachiko Tiana’s music is multi-genre, multifaceted yet very soulful and “grooveable”. A perfect vehicle to carry her heartfelt and relatable messages to those who really want to enjoy creative music!
— Vaughn Fahie - Audio Newborn Productions (Orange, CA)

"You know how sometimes things come together and create "the perfect storm"! Well, this was one of those nights: one of my best friends getting married to the man of her dreams after a previously abusive relationship, and he, after the death of his wife. And the song that Sachiko wrote and sung was the beautiful collaboration of those two people overcoming hardships and falling deeply in love. I just remember listening and having tears of joy in my eyes, and my heart was full. Her words were so poignant and right on with the details of their journey to his point. It helped those who maybe didn't know them, or their situations prior, get a glimpse of the magic that just had occurred. Sachiko did an incredible job!"

- Renee Holme (Mufreesboro, TN)