Can I Come Over to Your House and Play? 

Please? Pretty please? 

When it comes to music and artistry, the setting and atmosphere is everything. Though I'd love to perform in large arenas and have full staging and costuming, etc... there's NOTHING like an intimate house concert. One of my core values is connecting with others and the connection just isn't the same in those big, loud venues. I want to connect on a personal, intimate level with my pals, which is why I'd absolutely LOVE the opportunity to perform for you, right there in your living room (or backyard, deck, etc...). I promise to make it memorable and fun for you and your guests!


Everything You Always Wanted to Know about House Concerts 

A house concert is a house party with your neighbors, friends or community. Enjoy a hassle-free acoustic music performance in the comfort of your home.  House Concerts bring Sachiko Tiana into the heart of the community to experience the music up close. It's an opportunity to share heartfelt music culture in the cozy setting of your home, yard, barn or any setting with neighbors and friends.  Socializing with a finger-food potluck and asking people to bring their favorite beverage can be a fun and low-cost way to mingle before the show.

House concerts are rapidly becoming the most popular way to enjoy independent music. At a house concert, listeners enjoy the music in an intimate, "up-close and personal" setting. House concert enthusiasts rave about hearing great music in an informal, smoke-free atmosphere, while relaxing on cozy couches, next to the fireplace, in someone's living room or in an awesome backyard. Hosts enjoy having Sachiko Tiana stay and eat with them in their home (not to mention the kudos they get from their friends for throwing the best party on the block). Musicians have said that they get the most attentive audiences they've ever had while making more money than they do in bars or cafés. The hours are excellent and the accommodations included. It's a win-win situation for everyone! 

The Concert

Sachiko Tiana is completely flexible, depending on your setup. She can perform her songs along with tracks or with light accompaniment. The music can be completely unplugged and unamplified as well. Depending on the space, once you start getting bigger than about 25 or 30 people, you should probably think about having a small PA system to help supplement the natural acoustics. Also, some guests may have a hard time discerning lyrics in quieter songs without amplification. You’d be amazed how much sound can be absorbed in a comfy living room – or how an echo-y room can muddle the words!

Sachiko Tiana plays two 25-minute sets with a short potty/cookie/refreshment break in the middle. But shorter or longer sets are easily accommodated as well. She is happy to play whichever of her songs you’d like to hear most!

The Experience

Here’s what is wonderful and unique about house concerts: there’s no vast separation dividing Sachiko from your audience. Everyone is in the same room together – sharing, listening, connecting. There are certain songs that only work in this sort of setting, as well as a bunch of stories behind the songs that are only comfortable sharing in this intimate sort of setting.

In general, there’s something very real and tangible and human about the whole set-up that can be very moving and touching, inspiring and invigorating. And that goes for Sachiko as much as for any listener. Perhaps even more so.

Price & Duration

How much does it cost? 
It doesn't cost you, the host, any more than having a regular party. Perhaps you might provide some snacks and beverages. The guests pay for the music by making a donation at the door, which is usually $20.00 and includes several digital downloads. Some hosts prefer to offer a sliding scale of $15-25 to accommodate guests with varying financial situations. In any case, no one who really wants to hear the music is turned away. Sachiko Tiana requests a minimum of $500 in order to perform a house concert (additional if the request is for a full band to perform). Some hosts prefer to simply offer her a set fee and cover the cost of the music themselves, rather than ask their guests to pay money. However, most concertgoers are happy to pay a reasonable admission charge in order to hear quality live music in an intimate, comfortable setting. In addition to providing the performance space, hosts outside of Orange County, CA put performers up in their homes overnight and provide meals during their stay. 

How long is the concert? 
Typically, Sachiko Tiana will play two sets of music, usually about 25 minutes in length with a 10 minute break in between, for about an hour total. The guests usually arrive a half-hour before the concert starts, and there is also time for socializing and sharing food in between sets and at the end of the performance. Some hosts prefer to have Sachiko Tiana play one longer set rather than two shorter ones. Sachiko Tiana loves to be flexible and work within whatever makes the most sense for the event and setting. 

to Host a House Concert:

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What kind of space is needed for a house concert? 
A living room or family room that holds 20-30 people will suffice. It doesn't need to be a fancy space. People can sit on couches, folding chairs, backjacks, or pillows on the floor. Concerts can also be held in barns, on decks, or on lawns, although usually a sound system is needed for outdoor events. If planning an outdoor performance, a host must be able to accommodate people indoors in case of bad weather. In addition, the artist will need a table set up to sell CDs and tapes, and a guest room to stay the night if you're outside of Orange County, CA (it need not be extravagant). 

What kind of equipment is needed for a house concert? 
This depends on the type of concert you are requesting. If you'd prefer more upbeat, Sachiko Tiana can perform to tracks or with a full band (additional cost), which would require different equipment than an acoustic, intimate performance. In order to confirm what specific equipment would be needed, please contact us or tell us about your vision in the message box below.

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