Fall Again Life Lessons

So, on August 11th, I released FALL AGAIN & SLOW DANCE online...

It's so weird. I feel like nothing has really changed and yet everything has changed... Even though I only have a handful of fans & followers, I feel strangely legitimized; all this work I've done over the last year and a half seems to have a lot more meaning and purpose now - I'm so grateful for that. 

But I've learned MANY lessons along the way - just thought I'd share a few: 

1. I'm still VERY uncomfortable with self-promotion. I really should have had someone else promote me during my Release Shindig because it was really difficult to move anyone to action - quite discouraging to say the least. There's always next time!

2. I am extremely aware that not everyone will be a fan of my music or me, but it's been very interesting to observe different relationships. There are ALWAYS people who will try to bring you down in order to justify their own comfort & complacency. I'm learning to pick my battles. 

3. It's completely okay to be imperfect! While some would disagree, I find so much solace in the true artists whom I deeply admire - and their willingness to reject perfectionism and simultaneously embrace true artistry. I love my art. I love sharing my soul through music and I'm completely comfortable with finding only my few people who get me. That's the kind of artist I am - and some don't like it. I'm okay with that.