Life and Death

This week has been rough. 

One friend's brother died tragically at 27 years old, my husband's grandmother on his stepdad's side passed away suddenly (leaving her husband a widower after 58 years of marriage), a friend's husband unexpectedly passed away very young and 6 days after finding out they're expecting, and then to top it all off, Chester Bennington (Linkin' Park) committed suicide today (and OJ Simpson got parole, but that's neither here nor there). 


I'm so saddened for everyone mourning the deaths of their loved ones. I've cried about a thousand tears and have struggled to manage my own feelings about death as I process it all. Of course, I thank my lucky stars that my husband and immediate family are happy and healthy right now, but having experienced so much death in the past, it's hard to protect old wounds from opening in times like these. 

I want to comfort everyone and I want to be a shoulder to cry on. I want to be as helpful as humanly possible because I know that the finality of death is really hard to stomach, process. 

All I can think to do is hold my loved ones close, express love as much as I can, and continue to pursue my dreams each and every day because tomorrow is not promised to any of us. 

God, please comfort my friends and family at this extremely difficult time and help me to trust that you're watching over me and protecting me daily! <3