The Lesson my Hair Taught me During a Music Video Shoot

So, I woke up at 3:15am (Well, I snoozed so it was more like 3:24, but 3:15 sounds better) Thursday morning (or Wednesday night, depending on who you ask). I went and picked up three teenage girls and met them at a local lake to shoot the night scenes for the "Fall Again" music video. I did my makeup and hair myself and was excited that at that ungodly hour I still managed to pull my look decently together... or so I thought. 

As the morning wore on and the blue haze turned to morning grey, my hair decided that it wanted to participate in the wardrobe changes and decided to get progressively more and more voluminous as time wore on. My "polished look" turned into a less tame, all-natural, less controlled look... and I was super uncomfortable. My friends and my husband managed to convince me that it looked good and actually worked with the video concept. Though I was not fully convinced, we didn't have time for me to wallow in insecurity. I just had to suck it up and roll with the punches...

And so my hair grew on me (both literally and figuratively). And surprisingly my confidence grew with it. No, I'm not pop star thin and no I still can't smile with half of my face (stupid Bell's Palsy) and no my hair is not perfectly coiffed. I'm just me. And that's okay to be. I shot my video and sang my song in the middle of a crowded downtown district with lots of curious eyeballs on me. I DID THAT! Six Months Ago that NEVER could have happened!!!

So, I'm the kinda gal that shoots a music video in all black business attire and then goes home and immediately puts on sweats for her movie date with a girlfriend... I'm the girl that has a gigantic grey headband and those same sweats still on as I type this at 1:30pm the next day. And that's okay with me! I'm not perfect. I'm not appropriate. I am not doing anything according to plan and I defy people's expectations of me. My hair did it's own thing and I'm going to do my own thing too. I'm just me.