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Education Thoughts...

What I wish all young artists & entrepreneurs knew: Education is absolutely a necessity. However, college is only a type of education - and moreover - a very heavily marketed PRODUCT. Contrary to popular belief, there IS a distinction.

As with any product, there are times when people should and shouldn't buy. If we did a poll of every college consumer, there would likely be different reviews - some might even be motivated to return the product if that was an option (me!). And many feel their purchase delivered exactly what was expected/needed/required - and I'm glad they got their value!

However, it truly breaks my heart that there are many, many gifted and brilliant people wandering around feeling like failures because the product doesn't work for them! This is what I intend to impress upon my children one day. They can be highly educated individuals outside of the classroom and take personal responsibility for their lifelong learning.

Education is mandatory; college is optional. ❤

Disclaimer: Absolutely NO disrespect to teachers and professors. This isn't about the quality of education in schools... that's not a factor in this conversation at all.

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