Fame? No Thanks...

I've had a few conversations with people lately about my motives for wanting to do music; the natural assumption is that someone who wants to do anything in entertainment wants to be famous. It always makes me chuckle because that couldn't be farther from the truth for me and many others I know.

When I was a kid and young adult I thought that fame was what I wanted (really, I thought it was the only way to pursue music) until I worked with enough famous people that I got to see the less glamorous side of fame - so then I gave up music entirely.

Fame? No Thanks....

Now, it can be confusing, because in any business, you need to have clients/customers in order to be successful. In music and entertainment clients are called fans. And in my opinion it's one of the only businesses where we almost look at how the clients (fans) serve the business rather than the other way around.

I have zero interest in "fame", but rather a burning desire to serve people with my passions. Of course, I need clients (fans) in order to be successful, but it's extremely hard for me to do anything without deep, soul-level integrity and authenticity.

This is why I'm not interested in record labels and marketing machines (they're not interested in me either, it's mutual 😂) and why I'm going the independent route - because even if I only have a handful of "clients", I know I will only be fulfilled by having the freedom to choose and just be me.

Also, I'm a terrible employee and most of the big music artists we see out there are employees of a record label, which means that their art/artistry is a package/product that has been carefully put together to meet a market demand. And it means they have a boss to please - bleh!

While I absolutely have many music artists that I adore, I just know that an understanding of business and business principles means I can do it myself, my way (with God front and center). Don't be surprised if I start my own label one day. Just saying.... ❤ 

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