Just a Measly 4%....

In case you were wondering why I'm now pursuing music...

In September, at the same conference I'm at right now (CEO Space), someone asked me, "If you had a billion dollars, what would you wake up and do every day?" Even though I love my event business, the answer was easy - "I'd do music, write music, record & perform music, go to concerts, watch music online, etc... I'd immerse myself in music." Long story short, he gently nudged me in that direction.

Then I started sharing the conversation with other folks I met here (at CEO Space) because I started to feel torn about how to run my company while realizing that my passions were elsewhere. One of them encouraged me to just move "4%" more in the direction of my dreams every day. 4% seems inconsequential but it makes a huge difference over time and it's very manageable - no excuses!

Measly 4%

He also introduced me to Vinny Ribas who teaches artists how to have an independent music career! 4% each day has eventually culminated in me working with songwriters that Vinny has connected me to, writing my own songs with Vaughn Fahie Jazz and recording an album that's set to release in August.

I'll soon be a member of ASCAP or BMI (still deciding) and I've actually found that my events company and my dreams of music have tremendous synergy. God is the perfect orchestrator!!! This has been possible because I didn't let fear stop me from heeding the advice and because I put aside the practical and logical answer. Our dreams often require faith, discomfort, change, growth and painful mistakes... none of which are practical or logical. ❤

So, I have two questions for you! 
- What would you really do if you had a billion dollars (if money was no object)? 
- If you're not yet doing it, what would it look like to move 4% more in the direction of your dreams each day?

Start TODAY! It's just 4%!!! You can do it!!!

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