Pray for me...

I want to preface this by saying that I have no clue what I'm doing, but I am EXCITED!!!

Ever since I was a little girl, I wanted to be a singer. Back then, I wanted to be a superstar just like Mariah Carey (90s Mariah okay, don't judge me). I was always obsessed with Music Awards Shows. As preteens, my sister and I would tape the shows (on VHS, yup) and watch them OVER and OVER again! I loved the performances and watching people achieve their big dreams! In high school, teachers would ask where I was going to college and I said I wasn't going to school because I was destined to pursue music.


Long story short, enough of them convinced me to take the "safe route" that I decided to follow their advice and started going to CSUF. I started as an honors student but quickly got bored and frustrated because I wasn't learning things that excited me. The silver lining is that sometime during my freshman year I got the opportunity to work backstage at the American Music Awards! This was a huge deal because of my love for awards shows as a kid. From there I got to work backstage at several music awards shows from 2006-2010 - Grammys, MTV VMAs, etc... I was a talent escort floater for most of them, so my job was to take people where they needed to go, and be available right by the stage entrance in case anyone needed me. Needless to say, I saw A LOT as I was needed all over the venue, including inside some artists dressing rooms. I'll never forget watching the 2010 Michael Jackson tribute in Usher's dressing room with Jamie Foxx and their pals. On a darker note, I saw artists with self-inflicted cuts on their arms, people doing drugs and narcissism at its finest. There were also a couple bright spots of truly giving, other-focused people, but those interactions were few!

Once I decided to live for God, I naively decided that music just couldn't be an option because of what I saw in the industry, but I didn't realize until last year how much I felt like I was missing the mark a little bit. God has laid some crazy perfect pieces down in my path that I just can't ignore anymore, so I'm stepping out on faith. It's His calling on my life that I believe I'm following - especially because it's uncomfortable, requires a ton faith & surrender and forces me to face my fears. So, through the help of my friends and colleagues Vinny Ribas and Vaughn Fahie, friends and family and my amazing husband, I've decided to branch out and pursue an independent career in music.

I'm still passionate about my event business, but music is my heart. As I type this, I'm in the recording studio working on original music for an EP that I'm intending to release on my birthday this year. I have some covers I've recorded that I have shared on my website, and I wanted to invite all of you along on the journey! I'll need input, advice, prayers, friendship, etc... because writing and recording my own music is by far the scariest thing I've ever done. I know I'm not the most technical singer in the world and that not everyone will love it, but I just have a story to tell through the universal language of music, and I think it could be helpful to folks who grew up like me - or to people that need an ally. We're all in this crazy life together! Even if you're not a "fan" per se, please be a part of my journey. I need you and I'm grateful for you in advance!!! Xoxo 

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