We Were Born to be Real, Not to Be Perfect


I’ve been feeling a little deflated lately.

While there have been many amazing blessings and many opportunities that I’m thankful for, my music has been declined for a few opportunities because of “out of tune vocals”.

Last night I spent (literally) hours debating back and forth about whether or not to tune the vocals, re-mix the songs and re-release them so that the vocals are perfected.

To be honest, I’m still very tempted to do that. And I’m sure some reading this might even agree that I should...

But I don’t love that idea. Yes, it could potentially open more doors, but I have to ask myself “is that what I really want?”

I want to connect with as many people as possible, but my mission with music is about many things - perfection is certainly not one of them.

If I’m going to inspire people to pursue their dreams, I want it to be the authentic, genuine, out-of-tune me sharing that message.

You don’t have to be perfect to do great things and make an impact, you just have to be willing to put yourself out there!

I am not looking for commercial success or fame, I’m looking to find people that understand my heart in each song - the passion and pain that goes into every lyric, every melody and every groove. Those are my “pals”.

It’s not for everybody.

The people that want the perfect, nearly robotic-sounding music have a plethora of options to choose from. It ain’t me.



Today I was listening to Sade and all of her glorious flat singing... and was so comforted by her determination to stay true to herself no matter what! 50 million album sales later, I think she would say that she made the right choice...

Now, I recognize that I’m not Sade, nor would I want to be (well, a little... who am I kidding). But I’m just me. Imperfect, out-of-tune, giving-it-my-best me.

This article reminds me to continue to appreciate the journey and the evolution. I’ll grow, I’ll get better. But right now, this is where I’m at... and I’m working on being okay with that! ❤️